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Helping you craft your story and communicate your vision, strategy, and value proposition (and lots of other odds and ends).

Ready, Set, Write!

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What we do...

Raise capital with confidence
Business Plans & Investor Materials

Bringing decades of hands-on business and management experience, we’ll work with you to formulate your strategy and plans, and then put them in writing. Our business plans, financial models, investor decks, and one-pagers, have helped our clients raise sums from $50,000 to $1 billion.

Powerful, Precise Messaging
Marketing Content & Storytelling

Complex ideas, intricate emotions, pinpoint messages, conveyed in captivating, everyday language. From website content and brochures to blogs, articles, social media posts, and more, our wordsmiths will bring your story to life in a way that your audience wants to hear and can find online (SEO).

Knowledge through clarity
Technical Writing

We understand what you are doing and have the experience to describe your work in plain, concise, structured, and comprehensible language. The result - user guides, specifications, design documents, and more, that ensure effective knowledge dissemination and retention.

Proposing and closing
RFP & Memorandum Writing

Whether you’re trying to win a bid, sell a company, or close an M&A deal, the supporting documents we’ll draft for you will strike the perfect balance between providing all the necessary information and showcasing your company and its capabilities or the business you’re helping to sell.

Pitch Yourself, Get Hired
Resume and Profile Writing

Unlock your career or business potential with our CV and LinkedIn profile writing and editing service. Together, we’ll forge compelling content that portrays yourself and/or your business in the best light, content that helps you stand out and that resonates with potential employers and clients.

Our Experience, Your Drive

Startup and Marketing Consulting

Are you an entrepreneur making your way through the minefield of starting a new business? Are you trying to build a partner channel that you can trust to market and sell your product? Whatever your objective or quandary, we have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help.

What our clients do...

Writing Services for Environment and Agricultural Technology

Environment &

Writing Services for Defense Industry and Cybersecurity

Defense &

Writing and Consulting Services for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

AI & 
Data Science

Writing Services for Digital Marketing, Marketing

Digital &


Writing Services for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Building Information Modeling


Writing Services for Telecom and Infrastructure

Telecom &


Writing Services for Capital Markets and Financial Technology

Markets &


Writing Services for Renewable Energy

Energy &


Writing Services for Healthcare and Medical Technology

Health &

Writing and Consulting Services for software and mobile application development

Software &

Writing Services for Academia and Education

Academia &


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